We mainly distribute TV furnitures/TV Stands across Europe - contact us to become a seller of our products

Supplier of Furniture, TV Accessories and crafts for the professional market

Welcome to Dresby - We are building our range of furniture concentrated around Smart TV, adding value to movies & music. The TV stands is also very good for presentations/Exhibition at fairs etc. When you shop at dresby, you can expect a professional handling of before- and after sale. We have been working with sales for more than 20 years.

Sales to Business and Dealers

We are an experienced company, that goes into depth with our selection and at the same time follows the breadth of a continuously evolving market. We pay particular attention to price and quality, as well as speed and service. We know the importance for the product to be orderly and therefore have the highest level of QC on our products. If you have any questions, please contact us